Certification Course for Executive Assistants, Secretaries, Admin Support Staff and Personal Assistants
Muscat, Oman

training_picsThis program is accredited by Birkbeck, University of London—one of the Top 1% Universities in the world. The Global PA Diploma is 30 Credits towards Birkbeck’s ‘Certificate of Higher Management for PAs’. The Diploma will be awarded by The Global PA Network, UK.

This program has passed rigorous assessment by The CPD Standards Office. Delegates will receive CPD Certification from The CPD Standards Office, London after attending the 3-day course.

You will be awarded with The Global PA Diploma when you submit a coursework (1,000 word Personal Development Plan) within 14 days after completing the program. The coursework will be assessed and approved by The Global PA Network, UK.

The Executive Assistant role is complex and demanding, requiring great skill and dexterity at many levels. Over recent years, the role of the professional EA has changed dramatically, the range of tasks has grown wider, with an accompanying expectation of immediate delivery as well as taking pressure off their executives to ensure the smooth operation of the organisation. EAs are the first point of contact for staff, clients and suppliers and must be highly detail-oriented and able to work and maintain order without direct supervision.

Delegates will be given a solid framework of methodology and will have ample opportunity to practice and demonstrate new skills through group discussion, case studies and reality-based exercises. This Diploma programme will offer an extensive and advanced skill set that will develop them into the next stage of their career.

A Three-Day Training-Workshop for Executive Assistants, Secretaries, Administrative Support Staff & Personal Assistants
Doha, Qatar

Your success in motivating, organizing, solving problems and obtaining information depends heavily on your ability to communicate with others. You need to be able to communicate in all situations (especially project management), with anyone, anywhere, anytime about anything. This course ensures you know how. With a specific emphasis on communicating while managing projects, you’ll raise your impact in the workplace, along with your effectiveness.

Course Overview

The ability to communicate skillfully and confidently with people is the single most important ingredient for success and achievement in today’s workplace. Human Resources professionals estimate that more than 80% of the people who fail at the jobs do so for one reason – they don’t relate well to other people. Develop powerful communication skills to propel you along the path to career success and personal achievement.

This three-day workshop provides a state-of-the-art look at the field of interpersonal communication and project management, and demonstrates many skills that can be used to improve the quality of working relationships. You’ll learn practical, proven techniques for communicating effectively with all types of people. You’ll build stronger and better relationships with your work associates and project a more confident, more polished and more professional image. You’ll be given the skills to manage any project thrown your way.

Effective communication allows you to use all the other skills you have to the fullest. Nothing says more about your competence, confidence and professionalism than your human relations skills. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your life, both personal and professional.

Benefits of Attending this Course

At this workshop you’ll learn how to influence, inform and manage projects through the use of real life examples, group discussions, role-plays and interactive hands-on exercises. You just won’t hear the theory about communication skills and current project management information; you will take the knowledge and apply it to real-life situations immediately. You will walk out of the program with skills that are immediately applicable in any situation.

Kuwait City, Kuwait

This certificate has been fully accredited by QUALIFI, an official UK Government regulated awarding body. ACEPA is endorsed by Executive Secretary Magazine, the leading Global Training Magazine for PAs.

ACEPA™ is an internationally-recognized certification for Executive Assistants delivered by Executives. It has a unique top-down perspective that spans the range of duties now assigned to Executive Assistants —from basic presentation skills and project delivery, through to corporate strategy and governance, as well as the critical soft skills.

ACEPA™ is a 5-day intensive programme specially designed for Executive Assistants, Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Office Managers and Senior Administrative Staff.

ACEPA™ aims to equip modern Executive Assistants with an essential conceptual understanding of macro business areas including Strategic Thinking, Corporate Finance and HR, as well as practical skills in:

Project management fundamentals
Organising & running effective meetings
Delivering presentations
Understanding and interpreting financial reports
Communication skills
Managing conflicts
Time and priority management
Problem solving


The role of Executive Assistants is growing exponentially. From humble beginnings, Executive Assistants are normally university-qualified and are required to perform demanding roles on behalf of their boss such as preparing executive reports, making presentations, attending and even making contributions during executive board meetings.

Executive Assistants now have a highly visible and demanding role in blue chip corporations and government organisations.

This demanding role makes it imperative that the Executive Assistant has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the key fundamentals of Strategic Thinking, Project Management, Corporate Finance and Reporting, Leadership, HR, Procurement and Information Technology.

Being a well-trained Executive Assistant is therefore a source of security, prosperity and power!

Certification Course for Executive Assistants, Secretaries, Admin Support Staff & Personal Assistants
Manama, Bahrain


  • Discover how to maintain focus in a high pressure environment
  • Review the working styles of company leaders and how you as an Executive Assistant can support and nurture their success
  • Working with senior management to understand business goals and improve information flow
  • Develop your own personal leadership qualities and gain confidence in your abilities
  • Undertake self assessment of your abilities on the three day programme and receive individual feedback and tips from your Trainer on how to maximise your workplace performance
  • The modern PA role is over 60% managerial – gain knowledge of your management skills and undertake a management task case study to improve your abilities and increase your confidence
  • Workload Management – identify your time and workload challenges, prioritise and evaluate current time challenges
  • Discover the secrets of Professionalism and how to manage work- life balance, set realistic goals and manage the stress of a busy and dynamic office environment
  • Managing upwards – discover how to build a solid and productive relationship with your Manager, determine your personality type and discover your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover how to deal with difficult people and implement 5 strategies for improving communication with difficult people
  • Develop advanced communication skills in listening, coaching and communicating
  • Organizing effective meetings and events and top tips on the art of minute taking
  • Increase your awareness of emotional intelligence and recognise styles of assertive and non-assertive behaviour and how to say ‘no’
  • Discover how to develop your Professional Image and win respect and recognition
  • Explore your personal brand, style and image with 360° feedback and increase your effectiveness, productivity and satisfaction
  • Effective Presentation Skills – discover the key skills in presenting and how to deal with anxiety, hold your audience’s attention and build rapport
  • Executive Assistant as the ‘Confidante’ of Senior Managers – how to remain discreet, maintain confidentiality and avoid office gossip

A Training-Workshop for EAs, Secretaries, Administrative Support Staff & Personal Assistants
Doha, Qatar

You have constantly advanced your knowledge and skills to excel in your role. How about the person who represent you and your organization? Can your assistant keep up with you and assist you in the most efficient manner? Equip your professional partner with the best knowledge to be just as effective as you.

Attend this three-day training-workshop and:

  • Master techniques for effective goal setting, prioritizing, planning, decision making, relationship building and listening
  • Learn planning skills and be your boss’ strategic partner
  • Get what you need from others to accomplish your job and achieve your executive’s goals
  • Confidently represent your boss in every occasion
  • Be seen by your boss and by others as a valuable professional resource
  • Develop a trusting relationship with your boss and other assistants
  • Effectively use time and get more things done in a day
  • Acquire good communication skills
  • Gain the respect of your boss and be taken seriously by other staff and executives
  • Refine your overall professional image as a leader, including: appearance, correspondence, verbal skills, interpersonal relationships

You are not there just to answer calls, arrange meetings or make coffee. You are your executives’ partner in reaching the organization’s goals. Are you properly equipped with the best tools of your trade?